DWMG will generate traffic and increases sales for your business with our Direct Mail services. Local businesses depend on our service to motivate their customers and community to respond to offers and promotions. Our affordable price points make direct mail a viable and obtainable marketing tool for any business.

DWMG Direct Mail Capabilities Include:

  • Developing compelling ads with a direct response action.

  • Targeting distribution towards specific demographics for maximized results.

  • Management of printing and delivery for local and regional fulfillment.

  • Planning and scheduling launch for increased impact; such as a holiday schedule.

  • Complementing and alignment with multi-channel strategies, such TV and Radio advertising.

Viewing your promotions on a flyer, reading about your services in a brochure, or clipping out your coupon – the response direct mail delivers and impact is incomparable. The majority of marketing professionals would say, nothing beats the tactile and tangible value for the customer more than actually holding it. This makes direct mail a potent tool for businesses, delivering a higher ROI and greater response rates.

Get your promotional message and offers into your customers’ hands; directly to their homes or businesses. Increase your in-store traffic, incoming calls, and rate of redemption with DWMG’s Direct Mail services.

Getting the Results and Making an Impact.

Why We Recommend Direct Mail.

Direct Mail generates more individual spending. The average shopper will spend 28% more when motivated to buy from a catalog. In some cases, retail and food businesses have seen as much as a 40% increase in transaction size with customers redeeming discount offers.

For many major corporations, Direct Mail was ranked as the number one planned marketing channel of last year. It also has the highest rate in gaining new customers as compared to other types of marketing. Direct Mail produces more spending and has a lower cost per order/lead than telemarketing and other forms of direct marketing.

Direct Mail is even popular with a younger generation of consumers. In a recent survey, 18-34 year olds preferred to get information about the things they buy via Direct Mail and Newspapers 2 to 3 times greater than online sources.

DWMG will help your business use Direct Mail to deliver an impactful message directly to your customers. Improve your ROI and increase your sales now!