QR Codes are easy to use and an ideal compliment to all forms of advertising and marketing. No need for searching or typing! Customers just scan it, and the information you want to deliver loads on their phone.

A QR Code takes up very little real estate in your advertising or printed materials – giving you an opportunity to deliver more information and direct response actions to your customers.

They are a convenient way for smartphone users to receive coupons or discounts, directions or contact information, a direct link to your mobile website, or anything else your business wants to promote.

The Possibilities Are Endless

  • Include a QR Code in your videos and commercials leading them to a promotional landing page or mobile website.

  • Add a QR Code to your flyers, posters, signs or any print media to direct users to your website.

  • Place a QR Code on your packaging to give additional instructions or cross-sell a recommended product.

  • Print one on your menu or on table tents to give customers access to your Wi-Fi connection.

  • Catch passersby, direct them to your Social Media pages with a QR Code on your store window display.

Adding a QR Code to your business advertising will give you valuable statistical information as to the responses you are getting; such as on your magazine ads, product packaging, or even in your videos. It’s an additional method to know if your advertising is working, and if customers are interested in your services, products or special offers.

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QR Codes Are Great Direct Response Tools!

DWMG will generate your custom QR Codes, set up the response actions, and help you implement this extremely versatile mobile marketing tool.

The best part is QR Codes are effective and very affordable.

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