TV Advertising is at DWMG’s Core.

DWMG produces and reserves TV advertisement spots across hundreds of local and national channels. Our core experience in broadcast media and strong relationships with television stations allow us to leverage rates and give you an advantage when trying to get your message on television.

We can help your business customize a targeted, audience-specific advertising schedule for your campaign. From branding campaigns to direct response commercials, we can create:

  • 30 – 60 second commercial spots

  • 30 – 60 minute infomercials

  • Customized-advertising schedules suited to targeted demographics and budget.

  • Ads that are focused to maximize product/service exposure and motivate viewers to act!

DWMG Television advertising team and production staff is at your service! We can film, produce and edit your entire commercial – from start to finish. We work with you, tapping into your expertise of your industry and customers to develop impactful content. If you prefer professional on-camera talent to portray your commercial, we have a cachet of professional hosts and spokesmen, actors and actresses, and models.

Look How TV Can Jumpstart Your SEO!

Television is the most powerful and persuasive form of advertising because of the sights, sounds, motion and emotion it creates! It is an ideal resource for businesses due to its effectiveness in making lasting impressions and invoking direct response actions.

Since its invention and integration into the US culture, television has seen un-stopping growth as a vehicle for advertising. Today there are over 280 million people in the US who watch television, and the average viewer spends 5.25 hours a day watching. Statistics and figures show that TV is the most persuasive and influential medium, and also the most trusted. It is a platform that simply being on it adds to the credibility of brands.

Television complements other forms of advertising, providing both reach and frequency to your local target customers. We have helped many of our clients to successfully integrate digital marketing strategies with direct response TV advertising, print and radio.

There is nothing small about the results businesses get by advertising on “small-screen“.

Get BIG Results. Be Seen On TV. Use DWMG‘s Television Advertising Services.

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