Email is an established form of communication, and is highly used for personal, consumer and B2B correspondence. An estimated 216 million Americans use email; that’s 2 out of 3 people. Email Marketing is an effective tool for businesses, with 42% of consumers saying that Email is the BEST way to receive ads for sales and specials.

DWMG provides a suite of Email Marketing services for small businesses including design and launch of Email Blasts, Creating subscriber lists and installation of Opt-In Forms, as well as Campaign integration with your Social Media accounts and other advertising.

Email Marketing works like Direct Mail, but in the digital world. Ads, coupons, promotional messages, newsletters, and more can all be sent via email. Email Marketing delivers the added impact of images/graphics and convenience of links to extend the recipient’s experience.

The added benefits of Email Marketing include:

  • Super Low Cost Per Impression.

  • Visual Impact with Images and Graphics.

  • Call-to-Action and Direct Response with Links.

  • Easier to Track and Gauge Your Success.

We Can Help Your Business Get Results with Email Marketing

DWMG’s Email Marketing services are full-service, and managed by experienced professionals who offer a wealth of knowledge and skills in Email Marketing. We adhere to best practices, following US Government regulations and strict service provider procedures, to ensure your Email Marketing messages are built to technical requirements and stringent standards for better performance. We will help you plan, create, schedule and launch your Email Marketing campaigns.

  • Connect with Your Existing Customers

  • Build Relationships with Potential Customers

  • Expand Your Reach by Sharing to Social Media; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Direct Subscribers to Your Website

We can also install Opt-In forms on your Website and Mobile-Website to collect customer contact information. Build your client list, and stay connected with them using Email Marketing.

Our Email Marketing services also come with detailed reports. This gives you the ability to review the performance of your email blasts. You will be able to track:

  • Open and Click Rates

  • How many times your email messages are shared or forwarded

  • Opt-Ins and Opt-Outs to your Customer/User Lists

  • Connections Made to your Social Media Accounts

Email is an Effective Tool for Small Businesses and B2B Marketing.

THE COMPETITIVE EDGE Why Businesses Need Email Marketing

With almost 30 billion legitimate emails sent every day, Email Marketing is alive and produces great results for businesses. Statistically, you can expect a 25% open-rate and 4% click-rate with Email Marketing. Some of our clients consistently receive a 40% open-rate and 15% click-rate.

Email Marketing is permission-based; meaning your customers opt-in to receive Email messages from your business. Because your customers opt-in, you will receive a much improved response rate with Email Marketing verses other un-solicited marketing methods.

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