DWMG can help your business create a buzz and build a presence that will make a lasting impression in the public’s eye.

Once you have gained the public’s attention, we make it easy and affordable for your business to maintain the momentum. Let our wordsmiths craft your message, and keep their attention with DWMG’s Public Relations services.

We Offer Writing Services For:

We Specialize In:

  • Press Releases

  • Brochures

  • Social Media

  • Websites

  • Email Blasts

  • Byline Features

  • Newsletters

  • and More

  • Developing compelling press releases and announcements.

  • Event promotion and announcements for companies, restaurants, shopping centers and conferences.

  • Pitching and securing featured articles in trade publications.

  • Copywriting for all forms of business communications.

  • Media relations and media training for businesses.

  • Social Media content writing, posting and maintenance.

Social Media, You Need To Know About This.

Social Media has become a prevalent force; significantly impacting and influencing today’s commerce. Social Media puts the power of delivering news, reviews and commentary into the hands of individuals, through the use of online outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and personal blogging sites – just to name a few. It has exploded in use, and continues to rapidly grow.

Social Media is a news source that is fueled by current and relevant content, delivered in an almost instant manner. The audience is broad and enthusiastic; hungry to post, share and promote content. Going “viral” online, is when your “bit of information” spreads across social media and is shared and seen by millions of people…this can happen instantly and moving across the internet like wild-fire.

DWMG Public Relations Services include social media coverage, such as Facebook and Twitter. We can make sure your business stays in front and prevalent in a world that’s on the move.

DWMG‘s Public Relations Services Will Help Your Business To:

Define Its Voice.

PR writing takes finesse. DWMG‘s staff of talented writers is well versed in public and business communications. They will craft your message into words that are compelling, yet informative. We call it your “voice” – the quality in which your business messages and communications are written into clear and concise statements, with selective embellishments for added impact.

Having excellently written announcements and promotional materials can directly effect the public’s perception of your business – how they see you and understand what your business is about. For news and trade publications, as well as online writers (such as bloggers and people who write reviews), your public relations content is the foundation in which they will base their points of view. – and whether or not your business is Buzz worthy.

and Make Sure It Gets Heard.

DWMG has long-standing relationships with more than 200 media outlets, and can secure unique brand building opportunities in news and trade publications. We can plan and execute an effective Public Relations program to generate awareness and publicity for your products and services.